Sunday, September 18, 2011

Oooh. Shiny

I like to consider myself "with the times" so to speak. That's why I used to write for newspapers long after print media lost relevancy and why I started a blog about movies back when it was so far away from being a fresh idea that there was no chance of me ever finding more than a handful of loyal readers (Editor's note: Hi guys!). In the spirit of keeping myself current, I decided to review a movie that's over fifty years old. The movie I reviewed was The Horror of Dracula which came out in 1958.

It's like this, but only in motion and way sweet.

To continue being current and relevant, I have decided to try my hand at online video movie reviews. I figured this was a good idea because people these days don't want to (or can't) read and with a video, they don't have to!

Most well-read resident of Miami, Florida.
You can find the video here and if you like it then please subscribe as I'll try to get a new review out every couple of weeks. Enjoy, and have a great week guys.

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