Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Oscar Nominees Spell Doom For Humanity - Or Something...

I avoid doing these kinds of articles every year because its kind of a tired, old gag in film circles that the Academy Awards are pretentious, elitist, and overly high-brow and completely miss the point of awarding deserving movies. This year is special though. If you missed the drama, Eddie Murphy was slated to host but backed out of the proceedings after his friend, the despicable Brett Ratner, was fired from the Academy Awards show for saying that "rehearsal is for fags." After Murphy left (who I was very excited to see host the show because even though he hasn't made a movie I enjoyed since 2001, he still has goodwill earned with me from making Coming to America)  the Oscars went with the safe choice to replace him: Billy Crystal.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Finding Depth in Film Re-Releases

I'm a pretty big fan of re-releases of movies I love. I first started going to see them when everyone else my age started going to see them: the Star Wars: Special Edition re-releases. I must have seen Empire in theaters three or four times. Either that or I've just seen that movie so many times it all runs together. Now a days the big thing is to re-release classic movies in 3-D, and we've already seen The Lion King done that way and the entire Star Wars franchise is being done in 3-D as well. I'm completely on the fence about whether or not I'll go see the Star Wars movies again, but one thing is certain for me: As long as Disney keeps putting out their movies in 3-D they can count on me being in the audience to watch it.

That's me right there. The one in the glasses.