Monday, June 21, 2010

Favorite Movie Quotes

As I have the time and the desire, this is an incomplete list of my favorite movie quotes

Author's Note: These are not in any particular order, however number one is clearly my favorite, as any of my close friends can attest. Also, I will only chose one line per film if I can help it. Once again, number one is the exception.

1) Jurassic Park: Pick any line. Any one, I don't care, its my favorite. "Captain says we gotta go, we gotta go!"? Absolutely. Anonymous man on the docks is awesome. "Allejandro's prepared a delightful menu for us; Chilean Sea Bass I believe"? Oh yeah, that one too. What people do not realize is that this movie is clearly the bees knees.

2) Independence Day: "If I had known I was gonna meet the president I would've worn a tie. Look at me, I look like a schliemiel." - Julius Levinson (This one was tough, but it came down between this and "David why'd I send my mother to Atlanta?" Bonus points if you know who said that)

3) Godfather Pt. 1: "You can act like a man! What's the matter with you? Is this how you turned out? A Hollywood finocchio that cries like a woman. *sob* What can I do? What can I do? What is that nonsense? Ridiculous." - Vito Corleone

4) The Matrix: "No. Why? I don't believe it." - Mr. Anderson (This sums up the entirety of Keanu "Cool Breeze" Reeves' lines in the film. If you disagree watch the movie again)

5) V for Vendetta: "No, what you have are bullets, and the hope that when your guns are empty I'm no longer be standing, because if I am you'll all be dead before you've reloaded." - V

6) Dawn of the Dead: "Why don't they just go to the gun store in the Mall?" - Brad Pyle (While not a quote from a film, this quote cannot be ignored in the slightest as it has changed my perception and future perceptions on zombie movies. Why do none of these zombie movies take place in West Virginia?)

7) Aliens: "Game over man! Game over!" - Hudson (The fact that Bill Paxton is in a movie playing a whiny space marine entertains me.)

8) Con Air: "I'm going to save the fucking day." - Poe

9) D2: The Mighty Ducks: "And they pass the puck to Goldberg?! Wait, its not Goldberg! It's..." - Announcers

10) Die Hard: "Well well gentlemen. What do we have here? The Police have got themselves an RV!" - Theo

11) Leon: "EVERYONE!" - Norman Stansfield

12) In the Heat of the Night: "THEY CALL ME MR. TIBBS!" - Virgil Tibbs

13) Young Guns: "Buenos días Shitheads!" - Richard Brewer

14) The Rock: "Can we get some coffee in here please?" - Stanley Goodspeed

15) Air Force One: "How's your blouse?" - Egor Korshunov

16) Blazing Saddles: "You'd do it for Randolph Scott..." - Sheriff Bart

17) The Blues Brothers: "I hate Illinois Nazis." - Joliet Jake Blues

18) Speed: "There's enough C4 on this bus to blow a hole in the world" - Jack (played adeptly by Keanu "Cool Breeze")

19) Ghostbusters: "That's right your Honor. This man has no dick." - Peter Venkman

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